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Barnard vies with incumbent for Seat 4

SOUTH BAY — Four candidates are in the running for the two seats open in the March 12 municipal election for the South Bay City Commission.

Commission Seat 2, occupied by Mayor Joe Kyles, and Seat 4, held by City Commissioner Shanique Scott, are up for election. Their challengers are Barbara Ann King for Seat 2 and Betty Barnard for Seat 4.

Today, The Sun profiles the candidates for Seat 4. An article profiling the Seat 2 candidates ran in The Sun on Feb. 15.

The incumbent commissioner, Ms. Scott, did not respond to emails and voice messages requesting an interview. Her campaign slogan, “A brighter future for South Bay,” is prominent on her campaign web page, which is at

Here is her biography from that site:
“Shanique Scott is part of the new generation of leadership in city government. With a passion for public service, and the ability to motivate and mobilize people to action, the South Bay native is destined to be an instrument of change in the City of South Bay. She strives to be an effective leader in shaping the lives of Glades youngsters. A graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, Ms. Scott also holds a Master of Science degree in management from Florida International University. Her goals include achieving transparency and fiscal accountability in government, fostering greater citizen participation and shepherding youth initiatives and community beautification. Crime prevention is a must for her. Having worked for more than 15 years with youth in the Glades communities as an administrator and educator, Commissioner Scott is a recipient of the ‘One Child At A Time’ Award and the ‘Florida After School Alliance 21st CCLC Award of Excellence.’ Commissioner Shanique Scott, cultivating positive change in the City of South Bay.”

The challenger for Seat 4, Ms. Barnard, is 64 and was born and raised in the area.

“So all my life I’ve lived in South Bay,” she said. “I’m a professional educator, but I’m a retired educator at the moment. I’ve been with the Palm Beach County School District for 40 years. I started as an aide for 10 years, and for the last 30 years I was a professional.

“My last three years,” she continued, “I was an assistant principal at Crossroads Academy. I also was an adjunct professor at Palm Beach State College for over 30 years,” she said. Some of her experience was in the Glades, as both a teacher and administrator.

She received associate’s and bachelor’s degrees at the then-Palm Beach Junior College and Florida Atlantic University. After studying for certification through St. Leo University, she received a master’s degree in education from Nova Southeastern University.

“Then I went back to FAU and I got certified in educational leadership, and that’s when I became an assistant principal,” Ms. Barnard explained.

She has run for the South Bay City Commission previously. “I attempted last year but I was unsuccessful, lost by nine votes, so I decided to run again this year,” she said.

Ms. Barnard explained why she’s a candidate again in 2018:
“The reason I’m running is because I’m very optimistic, and I can see progress. I’ve been going to city commission meetings and I have seen how they are diligently working, trying to move forward in the city, so I feel that I will be an asset in the city as one of the persons who would like to see the city go forward.

“I would like to build the community. I would like to break some of the barriers that we may be facing so that we can go forward in progress.”

She said there’s no particular reason she’s running against Commissioner Scott. Her campaign slogan is “Break barriers and build a community.”

Ms. Barnard had one last thing to say about her candidacy:
“As you know, South Bay is the last city out west (in Palm Beach County) and also the last city before you enter Fort Lauderdale and Miami (on U.S. 27). So therefore, I feel that we are moving forward, but we need more commercial (development), we need hotels, we need more businesses so that we don’t have to travel so far to give our funds to other cities where they are progressing. I feel that we need to keep our funds in our city so that we can go forward.”