Belle Glade Sun

A disturbance at a Lake Worth Polling Site

PALM BEACH COUNTY — Deputies responded to a disturbance in the 2700 block of Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth at approximately 2:41 p.m.  Upon arrival deputies located two males claiming one assaulted the other.
The investigation determined that two males were having a verbal dispute.  Male # 1, was videotaping male # 2 with his cell phone.  Male # 2 didn’t appreciate being videotaped so he slapped male # 1’s phone out of his hand causing it to fall to the ground.  Male # 1, struck male # 2 causing him to fall to the ground.  Male # 2 fearing for his safety alerted male # 1 that he had a weapon.  Male # 2 did not threaten male # 1 with his weapon he only made it known he had a weapon.   
Deputies confirmed that male # 2 had a concealed weapons permit for the weapon he was carrying. 
Deputies are charging male # 2 (DOB: 11/06/48)with Simple Battery and Criminal Mischief (this charge is due to the phone damage).  He received a NTA – Notice to Appear, he is scheduled to go to court on these charges at a later date. 
Male # 1 (DOB: 9/12/77) is not facing any charges.