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Palm Beach County accepting public comment on disparity study

PALM BEACH COUNTY — The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners has accepted the findings of a comprehensive disparity study by Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd. for the purposes of further policy deliberations and directed county staff to move forward with development of a race- and gender-neutral and race- and gender-conscious program.

Before doing so, county administrators and staff want to hear from concerned citizens. Comments about the disparity study are being accepted through Monday, Feb. 26. This 30-day comment period is an opportunity for the public to provide input regarding the study.

Public comments may be submitted electronically at the following web address or by phone at 561-355-2754.

Comments may also be mailed to:
Palm Beach County Public Affairs
301 N. Olive Avenue, Suite 1102
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

The disparity study final report may be reviewed on the county’s website,