Belle Glade Sun

4th and 5th shooting deaths of 2016 hold community hostage

On Friday, Feb. 19, at approximately 4:45 p.m., shots rang out on Southwest Sixth Street in Belle Glade, with gunshots continuing at a steady, continuous pace until two brothers were left dead inside of a red car on a lot between a neighborhood supermarket and a small church.
The measure of the shots – regular, unhurried and methodical – was chilling.
In the street, men and women were seen diving to the floor or running away from the place where the gunshots rang clearly. Vehicles squealed away from the accident scene.
In the aftermath, a crowd of people started forming around the crime scene, and deputies rushed to secure the scene. Some who had seen the shooting were wailing in the street, and small children looked on in curiosity or held tightly to their parents’ legs.
It was the latest hellish scene in a town that is increasingly marked by crime and violence.
The murders — representing Belle Glade’s fourth and fifth shooting deaths of 2016 — claimed the lives of two local men, Ricardo Terrell, 26, and his younger brother, Anton Terrell, 21. This early in the investigation, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed a possible motive or any suspect information for the crime. They urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.
While deputies held assault rifles to guard the scene, the two brothers could be seen in the driver and passenger seats, their heads resting on each other as if sleeping.
The deputies at the scene were visibly vexed, and urged people in the forming crowd to keep their distance.
A nurse who witnessed the shooting returned with medical gloves to feel for a pulse on the victims. She pleaded with deputies to let her get closer and after being told to wait until emergency crews arrived was allowed to approach the victims. The woman had begged deputies to let her come closer.
The mother of the two victims would later show up to the scene hanging her head in pain. She was not allowed into the crime scene, and was held behind a perimeter marked by yellow crime tape.
A local chaplain offered her his hand in comfort.