Belle Glade Sun

Knife pulled after theft accusation

A woman reportedly turned violent after being confronted about stealing a DVD player from a house. The woman was arrested June 26 on charges of aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia. The incident happened in the area of Southwest Fifth Street and West Avenue B in Belle Glade. According to a report of the crime, the victim approached the suspect, 34-year-old

Charkitha Laidler, about a DVD player that was stolen from his apartment while he was at work. The victim told deputies the woman had stayed in his house the night before the DVD player went missing. Confronted with the accusation, the woman reportedly pulled out a silver knife with a black handle and said, “If you come any closer I will cut you.” Because she was only three to four feet away, the victim felt he was in danger. When deputies caught up with her, the woman had on her possession a small pipe hidden inside a pack of cigarettes.

“Charkitha said she used the pipe to ‘smoke crack,’” Deputy Herzog wrote in his report. “I also found an approximately 5” to 6” knife fitting the description given by [the victim].” Laidler was transported to jail without incident.