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PBSO uses force in subduing man

Walchi Alcin

After he refused to comply with their orders to leave, and dialed 911 in front of them, deputies resorted to a more violent alternative in gaining control over the situation, according to an arrest report released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, 28-year-old Wachi Alcin, had apparently made his way inside of someone’s home when that person called in an “unwanted guest” to the sheriff’s office. The incident happened at 11 p.m. on Thursday, August 27 at 425 SW Avenue C Place in Belle Glade.

When deputies arrived, the suspect was still sitting on a couch inside the apartment. He told deputies he had the right to stay, since he owned the building and several more in South Bay and Pahokee.

The woman whose apartment the suspect was in told Alcin to leave and not come back, but Alcin refused, even as two other males on scene tried to convince him to leave.

Deputy B. Williams said Alcin was given multiple opportunities to leave, but he refused.

“Alcin then grabbed a cell phone from of the males that knew him and continued to call 911 in front of me and other deputies on scene,” Deputy Williams reported. “I asked Alcin who he was calling and he stated, ‘the police.’ I then noticed on the phone that Alcin was, in fact, calling 911 on the cell phone.”

Deputy Williams tried to grab the phone out of the suspect’s hand when Alcin reportedly refused and said he was not going to go to jail, pulling his arms away from the deputy.

“I used an arm-bar technique to take Alcin to the ground to affect the arrest. Alcin then covered his arms with his body by laying on his hands so that myself and other deputies were unable to grab his hands to place them into custody,” Deputy Williams added. “I then proceed to strike Alcin in his back near his shoulder blades with a closed fist two times.”

While continuing to yell loudly for him to comply, the deputy said he pried Alcin’s hands from underneath his body with the help of two other deputies, Deputies Parrales and Shane, and managed to place him in custody.

Because he was dialing 911, Alcin now faces charges of false 911 calls, along with charges of trespassing after warning and resisting arrest without violence.