Belle Glade Sun

Store: ‘Man hides meat in his pants’

Winn Dixie management in Belle Glade seemed to have had enough of a man who they said would routinely enter the store and leave with stolen packages of meat in his pants.
Store security made sure it didn’t happen again and contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office after the man tried leaving the store with more than $900 worth of meat and seafood items.

The incident happened on Monday, June 15 at the Belle Glade grocery store on South Main Street. Deputies were called in to respond to a shoplifting in progress call.

Deputies spoke with store security and management, who informed them that a man wearing a black doo-rag had entered the store with a reddish-orange handbag, which he used to stuff product from the store.

According to the report, this was not the first time the man had entered the store with the intent of taking merchandise without paying for it.

“Employees are familiar with him entering and leaving the store with unpaid goods and product,” Deputy Saint Juste wrote in his report. “[The complainant] stated that each time he entered the store he’d fill his waistline, pockets, and pants with meat.”

The employees said the man had taken several hundred dollars worth of product this time, with managers reporting the man had stolen $700 in products, along with another $200 worth of seafood.

The man, 29-year-old Willie James Terrell, was positively identified by store representatives who said they intend to prosecute.

Terrell was arrested without further incident.