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Public invited to review instructional materials being recommended for district adoption for K-12 Science

WEST PALM BEACH – The Instructional Materials Department is providing an opportunity for public viewing of all programs chosen by adoption committees for K-12 Science courses during the 2018-2019 school year.

Materials can be accessed online or in print at our District Support Center at 1400 N. Florida Mango Road, in West Palm Beach. Digital access information can be requested by emailing Click here for a list of courses and programs being considered.

The District encourages anyone interested in providing input regarding the selection of these textbooks to review student content and submit feedback by February 1, 2018. After all input is reviewed and considered, committees will submit their recommendations for adoption to the School Board for approval.

Florida Statute 1006.283 requires school districts give the public access to student editions online at least 20 calendar days before an open, noticed school board hearing in order to receive public comment on the recommended instructional materials.

However, because the School District understands that community input is vital to the success of choosing the best possible instructional materials for its students and teachers, it is providing access to materials at this time.

For more information contact Tina Sparks at (561) 684-5127 or email