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Thompson holds free football clinic

Deonte Thompson of the Chicago Bears holds local football clinic free of charge

BELLE GLADE — On July 15, DT Prime Foundation will host their annual “DT Prime Experience” sport clinic at Glades Pioneer Park, 866 SW 16th St, Belle Glade.

Special to The Sun/Courtesy photo Belle Glade native Deonte Thompson of the Chicago Bears will hold a football clinic free of charge at Glades Pioneer Park.

This year the clinic features combine training drills, testing, and mock General Manager interviews; in addition to hosting a 7-on-7 tournament for high school team participants. The event is free of charge and cash prizes will be awarded to tournament participants.

“Having a positive outlet when I was younger meant the world of difference in my life. It’s important to me to go back to the same streets I grew up on and provide that same outlet for the kids coming behind me.”- Deonte Thompson, CEO.

DT Prime Foundation invites you to join in their mission to provide athletes and local communities a platform to educate, empower, and inspire young people to make positive decisions over their lifetimes.

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